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10th Annual

Community Development Summit

(Virtual Edition)

[Re] defining Equity, Equality, and Justice in Community Development - hones on the challenges and opportunities in creating communities that lift up people of all races, genders, and backgrounds onto an even field of opportunity.

As American cities are thriving again, decade-old socioeconomic, rural-urban, racial, and gender divides are growing and are exacerbated by institutional inequality, despite collective best efforts, the rebirth rests largely on institutionally racist and sexist systems of the past built into our capital, land use, and transportation systems that were never taken head-on. Redlining's legacy is felt in both rapidly gentrifying and economically frozen neighborhoods. Leaders in our field are thirsty for a genuine discussion leading to action that once and for all delivers real, permanent equity to marginalized residents and their representative communities. This is the thrust of the 2020 Community Development Summit.


10th Annual Community Summit Presented by

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10th Annual Community Summit Presented by

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